4 ways of Eldercare during winter

Though the body and the mind have gone through various climatic conditions, our parents haven’t taken any precautions for them as they thought they were made of steel. But now, they would hesitate to let us know, they need a blanket as they feel unusually cold because of the winter weather.


Here are 4 ways that would help you to take care of your elders at home.

Dress & Accessories:

Always keep elders at home, warm with blankets/rugs/sweaters to avoid going hypothermia (low temperature). The elderly are particularly prone to become severely chilled because they have less fat, slower blood circulation and a more sluggish digestion. It is always advisable to have a medical emergency contact number handy during such weather conditions.

With respect to the accessories, be sure that they have rubber-soled shoes and new treads on their walker or cane to maximize a senior’s stability.

Eliminate winter depression:

As it will be difficult and dangerous some time to get around, many elders have less contact with friends/family during cold months. This can create a sense of loneliness. To help avoid this issue, family members can visit their elders as often as possible; even a short, daily phone call will make a big difference. Seniors can also arrange a companion service to visit their friends for a shorter distance.

Plan ahead for routine activities:

You can accompany elders for all important activities to be done – banking, EB, etc. which can’t wait. It can also be done with the help of a home need service providers or arrange a companion to accompany your elders for their safe accomplishment.

Eat a varied diet :

All of us don’t feel thirsty during winter. Same is the case with seniors. But it is vital for them to avoid getting dehydrated by increasing the intake of liquid diet. They should take a proper diet as prescribed by their doctor or the geriatric food depending on their health conditions.


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