Tips for Seniors to Recover Faster at Home

Home is the place where a family lives together with love and warmth. At any point in life it is a man’s choice to be settled and stay happily with the loved ones around in a peaceful environment till the last breath. A person in the old age is affected both physically as well as mentally and to be in good health a peaceful environment with warmth is needed. Such an environment is provided by the home we live in. The home filled with laughter and happiness of the children and elders heals any kind of ailments faster than the drugs given by the doctor. As the proverb goes “A happy home is more than a roof over your head, it’s a foundation under your feet” with such a beautiful place on Earth no disease can ever touch the soul of a person in old age.

Though there are certain reasons for disrupt in the families due to the gap in the thinking pattern of the generation of people living together, but the acceptance of the differences and loving each other makes home the best healing place for the older generation. The secured feeling of being loved and taken care of by the children and grand children makes the older generation heal faster from their ailments than visiting the doctor twice a week. The ailments are attached to both mind and body so if the mind is healthy and happy the healing is faster in the body. This happens only at home with the family support.

Tips for Seniors to Recover Faster at Home.png

Faster recovery of ageing parents in the home depends on so many factors, even though we can consider four main factors :


  • Infection free environment in the home will prevent the nosocomial infection which may happen in the hospital.
  • Convenient and comfortable environment in the home will help the mental health improvement which improves the physical health also.
  • Quite and noise free and warm environment in the home needed for good sleep, which helps physical and mental recovery of patient.
  • Proper ventilation helps faster recovery by getting fresh air.
  • Pure water, clean environment of home and surroundings prevent further infection.
  • Proper light especially sunlight is needed for faster recovery.
  • Adequate room temperature also needed for convenient and comfortable rest and sleep.
  • Bed and bedding – clean and neat bed and bedding will prevent further infection process.


  • Patient may have loss of appetite , which can be managed by giving frequent and small diet.
  • In some cases like, post-operative, diabetic or hypertensive patient etc, one should follow the dietician’s instructions.
  • Food should be prepared in a hygienic way to prevent further infections.
  • Having a glass of hot milk or protein rich food in the night menu helps good sleep.
  • Should avoid alcohol, caffeine, salty, oily foods and excessive sweets.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Hand hygiene before and after having food prevents infection.
  • Should maintain mouth hygiene by brushing daily morning and evening.
  • Should maintain personal hygiene by daily bath and changing clothes.
  • Avoiding smoking also helps in improving ones condition.
  • Positive thinking, listening music and reading books to divert the mind from the disease condition.


  • Regular and proper exercise will help faster recovery and also maintain good health.
  • Daily walking.
  • In case of bed ridden patient, physiotherapy is needed by means of passive or active exercises will help improve the condition.
  • Speech therapy.

Prevention is better than cure. Kindly reach out to our qualified caregiving team at Naamcare to ensure the cleanest and safest care for your loving elders. Clinically trained and competent caregiver who will ensure that the clinical outcomes are improved with their approach to integrated holistic home health care.


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