Telling a Loved One They Need Care


Growing old is something that happens to us all. We all want the best for our loved ones but ensuring that they are well cared for as they get older can be a challenge, especially when you’re balancing work and home life with providing the level of care or help they need. Sometimes we need a little support.

Your loved one may be struggling to carry out some of the everyday tasks that we take for granted, they may be struggling with declining health, recovering from a stroke or may have just come out of hospital and need a little care that you and your family just aren’t able to handle on your own.

Non-medical home care focuses on supporting older people in their own homes with daily activities that may have become a struggle.  Many older people may need extra support with their regular daily routine due to ill health or general old age, for example they may need support preparing breakfast, cleaning and visiting the local shops, or getting dressed and showering all of which can give them the better quality of life that they deserve.

NaamCare is redefining in elder home care by providing exceptional services that go miles beyond traditional in home care. Our non-medical, around the clock and part time care support allows each individual to remain in the comfort of home with the best care structure suited to each individual. With a genuine passion for their work, our highly trained and compassionate caregivers create independence, comradery, joy, and a safe, loving environment that can only equate to true happiness.